Tom, 35

“As someone who struggles with self meditation for the purpose of wellbeing, I found my sessions with Ed to be very beneficial. After multiple sessions I could really the feel the benefits and came away feeling mentally and physically lighter and refreshed. Would strongly recommend giving it a go.”

Brijesh, 32

“I had an interesting experience. Went into the session not knowing what to expect. I’ve had meditation and chanting sessions but what I felt here was different.”

Judith, 78

“I have had quite a few sessions and have found them very beneficial. The sessions are delivered in a very professional manner and are very relaxing. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Julia, 36

“I had a session with Ed after I’ve had my first child and was in need of emotional healing after such a great change in my life. Ed explained what he was doing at each stage and what he hoped it would achieve. Ed adapted his techniques according to what I felt I needed. It was an incredible experience.”

Bev, 54

“I was a little sceptical, didn’t know what to expect, and for me, this was stepping out of my comfort zone! Eddie made me feel very at ease with our chat. Once started the room had a nice feel. It didn’t take long before I was ‘relaxed’. Eddie’s breathing and sounds took me into a deeper relaxed state. I was surprised how quickly I just let go and how light I felt. The energy in me literally felt like it was being inflated, then with another sound back to a relaxed state. I found the whole experience of just ‘being’ relaxing, energizing and at the same time a chilled and pleasantly tired out state. Time will tell if the healing happens, but with the first session I loved it.”

Jude, 63

“I felt very peaceful and feel something has changed inside of me.”

Liz, 51

“Felt very relaxed at the end of the session. Definitely would ask for further sessions.”

Catherine, 35

“Eddie’s healing sessions helped me with anxiety and stress by allowing me to unwind and release negative emotions. For me it feels like a massage of the mind.”

Steven, 71

“You have to experience it to fully understand its power.”

Daniel, 37

“Eddie has created a safe space that allows you to bring into reflection and help resolve anxiety and charm the mind At all stages in your life I think Eddie’s work can be useful and has certainly help me practice at maintaining a healthy equilibrium.”

Aoife, 38

“I had my first session with Eddie over 3 years ago. I knew very little about energy healing and was curious. I went into the session with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised. I felt lighter and more relaxed after. Due to a recent distressing experience I returned for another session. It was clear to me that Eddie had evolved as a healer and adapted his techniques given his many years of training. After the session I was noticeably better in spirit and felt stronger. I have come to the conclusion that I need to incorporate regular sessions into my life and as a result I have booked in another with Eddie in the near future.”

Hebe, Somatic therapist and Wellbeing Facilitator

“It was such a blessing to work with Eddie. He is deeply compassionate and tuned into what was going on for me. the work went deep, and he provided interesting and very relevant insight towards the end of our session. I felt like the cobwebs had been truly cleared out of my system. Thanks Eddie!”

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