Shamanic Healing

What to expect

At the beginning of the session we discuss what you would like to achieve from shamanic healing. This can be dealing with a specific issue, general wellbeing or simply curiosity. Every healing is conducted in a safe and sacred manner.

You will lie on a comfortable massage couch and be led into a deeply relaxing state.

Healing energy is channelled in conjunction with sound. Sound instantly bypasses the mind and facilitates deep healing. Different sounds are used to cleanse, heal & balance the physical and energetic body (including your chakras). Physical touch is used to enhance the channelling of energy. Energy blockages can be perceived as a heaviness in the body. These are extracted and may be felt like a weight being lifted. The healing will reweave your energy, restore balance and establish a deeper connection to your true self. Healings last one hour.

Additional techniques

When required additional techniques can be used:


Past events can sometimes result in reoccurring behaviours, negative mental conditioning & repeated emotional states. Regression guides the client back to the past to release subconscious patterns and built up emotions. This allows your natural energy to flow and helps to free you from reoccurring emotions and behaviours.

Soul Retrieval

When you experience trauma, fragments of your soul can leave you. Psychology describes this as shock. This can leave you with a feeling of numbness, disconnection and not feeling yourself. In shamanism, this is referred to as soul loss and sometimes assistance is required to help the soul fragment return. During the healing your soul fragment is retrieved and integrated back into the body. This helps to bring clarity and feeling more like yourself.

Cord Cutting

During our life we make connections to many things. Sometimes we create negative attachments, this can be to people or even obsessions and addictions. Cord cutting is a technique where you sever these attachments and reclaim your own personal power, which is a very freeing experience.

Rune Reading

Eddie works with ‘seeing’ and runes to offer rune readings. This powerful practice obtains guidance and navigation from your higher self or spirit. Helping you to walk forward on your path. Rune readings last 30 minutes.

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