Shamanism is an ancient practise to bring empowerment, transformation, and wholeness to ones life. It is adaptable to every individual & modern culture, compliments conventional healing, and works in our contemporary world. Shamanism provides restoration, insight, and inspiration.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a powerful tool that works deep within one’s self.  Incorporating sound and energy weaving to bring balance on all levels (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual).

Every session is tailored to meet your needs and is provided in a safe and sacred manner. Eddie uses techniques that can extract mental & emotional blockages, break negative patterns & behaviours, and help make you feel more like YOU. Find out more here.

Eddie offers 1-2-1 sessions using a combination of original & ancient shamanic healing methods developed and taught by the renowned healers from the Bridget Healing Centre, Glastonbury. He is an experienced & qualified healer and has been on a personal shamanic journey for many years.

Eddie works with clients (18+) and operates from Enso Healing Rooms, 190 Cheltenham Road, Bristol, BS6 5RB. Find map here. He can make home visits if required. Each session lasts for one hour at a cost of £40.

Please contact Eddie for more information or to book an appointment. Phone: 07776837658 Email: eddie.peacock@outlook.com

Facebook: Eddie Peacock – Shamanic Healer

Appointment can be made:

Saturday     10am – 6pm

Sunday       10am – 6pm

Monday       10am – 10pm

Tuesday       6pm – 10pm

Wednesday 6pm – 10pm

Thursday     6pm – 10pm

Friday          6pm – 10pm